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James "Jim" LeBlanc: The Race to Outer Space

Jim Leblanc is a wonderful man who took time out of his day to speak to us about his time with NASA in the middle of Mans' race to outer space. He began his career in 1965 and quickly entered the most ambitious and technically advanced program in the world. Getting man to the Moon and back safely was the goal and his team tested, trained, and overcame obstacles man has never had to overcome before.

Please feel free to leave a question for Jim behind in our chat box to in the right side bar of our home page and we will forward the questions and bring back the answers right here on We hope you have a wonderful week and we look forward to producing another Collision Course next week! THANK YOU, JIM!

Collision Course with Avi Loeb 1/31/2021

I had a great time talking again with Avi! Check it out!

Avi Loeb joined Francis for another discussion about our first Interstallar Traveler 'Oumuamua and his views have finally been collected all together in his new book aptly titled Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth. Take a moment to listen in on what we had to say! Thanks for watching and look out for more, new interviews in the near future!! Tell us what you think in our new chat in the right hand column of our home page. See you soon!

We just Went Over This!

January 28 @ 3:39pm my time

I took some time to talk about what happened to me with this Gamestop, Reddit, stock market fiasco. Fortunately for me, I'm a poor man spending next to nothing, but I was keenly aware of how someone with more skin in the game might feel.

The hardest part of it all is that if you have no experience, you have no experience. If you have followed Wallstreetbets for many months, you would know better than I did yesterday and you would know where this all came from and where it was heaeded, becasue I didn't... But I did get to the other side of today's awful results knowing that something is happening, my experience will be shared, but there can be better results. I guarantee it!


Reddit users EXPLODE GAMESTOP STOCK!!! Find the threads HERE

Reddit Proves it Can Move the Market, Can it Move Silver?

Reddit has been an interactive library of real time knowledge for its users for many years. It's members follow sub threads about topics and ideas put forth by the OP, or the original poster to the sub. Sometimes they want to be involved and the sub becomes socially active. Sometimes, the group becomes an activist group whose plans to achieve goals are put to the community and the community comes together to bring about change. It seems though, that an ever growing, socially connected, society may bring about the kind of intrinsic change that the regulators of society struggle to deal with real time.

Case in point is the real time events of today, January 27 2021. It appears that a group of Reddit users have banded together to drive the price of Gamestop up %1700 this year! And it's not the only target.

A new release from inside wallstreetbets on RedditHas the potential to bring down some of the largest banks and some governments who manipulate their books through the Silver market. It's about to get very interesting and if you are able, we suggest you find a way to participate. It's a small thing to do as an individual, but when we all come together, amazing things can happen!

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Discover Unknown Objects Along Side Me!

Hi, Everyone! It's Francis! Here's part TWO of a multi-part set of videos covering our hunt for unknown objects using Astrometrica from inside images taken by the Pan-STARRS telescope located in Haleakala, Hawaii!

Pan-STARRS serves an important role as one way scientists discover new and unknown objects orbiting near Earth! Everyday new objects are discovered and we get to play our part by becoming active as a citizen scientist and making new discoveries of our own! The International Astronomical Search Collaboration makes it all happen.

You can find their website at IASC You can join one of the search campaigns from a link located at the bottom of their home page. Request a month that is not next month... Next month is always full.

O.K.! Lets see what's inside the first set of images taken by the Pan-STARRS telescope on January 16th, 2021; that's 6-days ago. TCC019, TCC020, & TCC021 were new, preliminary discoveries we made together. Thank you for joining me!! You can join my team if you're interested in using Astrometrica to find new, unknown objects orbiting inside the inner solar system. I hope you enjoy the hunt as much as I do! Happy hunting! Francis

Goto the 9-minute mark where things start getting busy!!

Macro tailwinds Macro headwinds
High-frequency data tells us that the worst COVID-19-related weekly drawdowns of U.S. data is behind us. From here on, economic data will continue to weaken, but at a milder pace. We also expect monthly data in May to show incremental improvements over April data. In our view, the move toward easing lockdown restrictions in May in most U.S. states is raising the likelihood of a second wave of an economic hit to the country. Expect to see more credit downgrades, an extension in the duration of unemployment among those who are actively seeking work, and a reduced likelihood of an inventory “rebuild” taking place.
We’ve witnessed a swift reaction to trim cost structure within the private sector, which can imply improved business profitability post-recession. U.S.-China trade tensions are flaring up again and we don’t think markets are prepared for a deterioration in relations.
Consumer fundamentals are stronger than they were in 2008: U.S. house prices are still rising mildly, mortgage activity is stabilizing, bank deposits are higher, and savings rates are rising.¹ U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome Powell noted the distinction between liquidity and solvency, and implied that the Fed can support the former, but not solvency for much longer.² We believe we’re approaching peak monetary policy effectiveness.
Oil prices have stabilized, reducing market volatility and lifting inflation expectations (slightly).¹ We see a high—and rising—likelihood that fiscal hawks could slow the breadth, size, scope, and timing of any additional fiscal stimulus, which we think is sorely needed.
Household checks from the U.S. federal government are replacing 30% of lost incomes, limiting the shock of record-high unemployment.³ Plus, 32% of small businesses in the United States have applied for Paycheck Protection Program loans.⁴ Near-term deflationary pressures are accelerating globally. This can be seen in global consumer and producer price indexes, and economic survey data in the United States, China, and other major economies.¹
The Fed has, so far, calmed the initial signs of a credit crisis as spreads eased in many parts of the fixed-income market. Greater U.S. Treasury supply coincided with the Fed’s decision to slow its bond purchases, thereby nudging the long end of the U.S. yield curve higher.¹
The recent ramp up in research efforts continues as scientists seek to identify effective treatments and vaccines for COVID-19.

Can We Expect More Antifa Protests?

One of the hardest topics to cover in these days of discontent is the Leftist Group Antifa. Many of you may not have heard of this group or of their mostly violent patterns when it comes to peaceful protesting. If you have heard of them, then you already know that when it comes to violent protests, Antifa members are largely found at the front lines of destruction.

Don't think you'll get away with just a little graffiti on your community buildings and businesses, no. Antifa want to tear the mother down, mother being the United States of America and its rule of law. When Anarchists break from the norm they break so far away it is hard for main street to understand why and where they expect to go; this is still America I can hear them say.

There were steps to prevent yourself from being attacked or your property damaged at one time, but now all bets are off. When a large group (mob) of Antifa build at the end of your street, you can expect some mayhem to be heading your way. They want to get their word out and the best way to do that is by destroying everything in their path. If that means you, then out you go.

But what makes a peaceful protest and what makes an Antifa protest different. Peaceful protests make sure that Antifa is not represented in their group. Who wants to take the blame for a few Antifa members when you have thousands of honest protesters trying to get their voices heard. You would hope that's how it goes but it does not and so many peaceful protests turn into chaos at the hands of a few, determined Marxists portraying themselves as Antifa members who are against Capitalism and Nazis.


Form provided by Freedback.

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Biden's Shitshow

Is THIS what they voted for??

Biden thinks $15 an hour is going to make everything better for America's middle and lower class. Well it's not. It's just another Biden Shitshow and the numbers don't lie!!

Cosmic Obsession Kerrville

Here is the latest deep sky object as seen through the telescope of Cosmic Obsession Kerrvile and processed by none other than Bobster, our own, in-house astronomer and astrophotographer and image processing guru! We have to thank him and Debbie, Mom and Dad, for all they do to propel astronomy through the lenses and mirrors and technologies of Cosmic Obsession Kerrville right click image and open in new tab to see the entire image.


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Movers and Shakers:

US Civil War in the 21st Century:

What Does it Look Like?

You would not be surprised to see a protest these days, what, with all the discontent being cooked up online, in the MSM media, and other Far Right and Far Left outlets. Everyone is tearing us apart just far enough that some will want to start the next Civil War in America. It seems like we are already there. Liberals are rioting during peaceful protests and the races are fighting over color. You think it's war but it's not. The Left may be participating, but you can be assured that the right is not well represented at all. 

I spoke with a historian who told me how the lead up to America's original civil war played out. North and South were unable to agree to be agreeable and that led to the need for Abraham Lincoln to take the steps he did. No longer would men and women and children be held against their will and not allowed fully to partake in a young but emerging country. It took determination and an ability to fight in the most awful conditions. You understand why but you may not understand how.

This Dr. of history relayed to me something I had not thought about before. When the far right enters the war we'll see bridges fall, forget Nike stores and bodegas. You will know by the actions of brave men when the United States is prepared to be taken back; the bridges where you live will fall.

you news on your favorite team or player plus how you can enjoy sports and sportsmanship even while social distancing and staying at home.

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US Politics:

Joe Biden Got a Free Pass to the Presidency

The dust has settled from the cold rain that spread from east coast to the west coast and down to Texas's Third Coast when Joe Biden was inagurated. Though there should have been more discontent, it appears that the conservative American is resolved to wait out the next four years of a Biden/Harris admistration. But for as much as that appears to be true, the truth is, the rain will eventually stop and the right will begin to stomp their feet.

We all know what happened during our 45th President's term in office. It was hijacked in as much as it was dragged through the mud. That did not stop President Trump from getting a lot done while he was in office. In fact, it's going to be hard for the Biden administration to overturn all that Donald Trump has accomplished. So for as much as he was able to get accomplished, the Democrats watered it down with their claims of indescretion.

The Democrats basically have pulled the wool over an entire nation's eyes. Not only were they able to keep us from celebrating all the accomplishments of President Trump, but they made us look away from what they were actually doing, potentially hijacking an American election and creating a result that may or may not be the real result. Our election process will never be the same. All this to keep us from investigating and seeing what was happening. Biden was ushered in without a fight... Capitol riot or not. Things were so bad we were too interested in thinking of how to get out of the problem while at the same time falling into the Democrats trap. Biden got the pass right into the Presidency.

NEXT Collision Course!

NASA Engineer and Space Race Pioneer James "Jim" LeBlanc inside the Vacuum Chamber Control Room. Yellow shirt with folded arms.

A NEW Collision Course!! 2/10/21

will be recorded on February 10th when Francis interviews Jim LeBlanc, a NASA engineer and problem solver during the Apollo 13 mission to the Moon and back safely! Here is an image from inside the Vacuum Chamber Control Room. Jim had quite an experience inside the chamber and we'll talk about it when we talk to him next on Collision Course S4 Ep2. It's all about outer Space and it's all interesting and informative! Look for the next episode of Collision Course to be hosted on Rumble and embedded on the home page of Patriot News LIVE on

Jim Leblanc get a big surprise while testing astronaut space suits inside NASA's Vacuum Chamber.


Precious Metals

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From the Editor:


Welcome to Patriot News LIVE online at 

During this time we feel it is important to reveal something about ourselves before we can appreciate other viewpoints and ideas. Billions of people inhabit the Earth and each one comes with their own set of moral codes and beliefs. In a world where a New Normal is being created, it is the perfect time to let go of the bias that may be underlying your beliefs. Remember that now is not the time to wind more tightly the ropes that bind. Now is a time for a refresher course in civility and humanity. We must attempt to understand why we feel the way we feel and if by chance we were led to believe something that can only hurt the whole of humanity in the end.

Divisiveness, individuality, and the rule of mob have all came to roost on the nest we call 2020. but we're unsure what will happen in 2021. It's more important than ever before to be aware of your surrounding and be conscious of who you are and who you are representing yourself to be. It's not all that it's cracked up to be; being right that is. When we're right we tend to close ourselves off from the nuances of reality where more than one answer is actually correct. We hope to use our time and this space to further ourselves in knowledge and understanding. Both of which can be transformed into an set of beliefs where all men and women are truly created equal if not for any other reason than to be whole with humanity. It's the only way.

If you come here and find that we should do a more broad scope of coverage on a particular topic, please contact: and your email will be answered by the Editor of Patriot News LIVE. Your questions will be answered and our growth will be assured.

US Finances:

US Budget Deficit UP 61% for 2021 to $537 Billion Dollars

3.1 Trillion. That's how big the US deficit was for the year ending 2020. The largest deficit to be recorded in US history ever. That would be a gross amount if it were not for the upcoming forecast for year 2021. Seeing as how we are already $537 billion dollars upside down, it looks like we can beat the old record with a new one. We don;t even need a new stimulus bill to break the old record either. If Biden produces a Trillion dollar relief package, the US will break another record, a disatrous one in the eyes of many.

Deficits are the result of over paying and under receiving. Like NASA and the 600,000 toilet, if you spend more than you have, eventually you won't have enough to operate and everything becomes debt. It sure looks like the new administration has no fear of debt, they will just blame in another president anyways. You cannot run a household running too large a deficit, eventually the bills need to be paid. I wonder how many people actually believe our government could get out of the hole we're in. I wonder.

US Economy:

Will This be the Week Earnings Drag the Economy Down?

Investors are on the edge of a double-edged sword this week as corporate earnings are set to be realeased. Apple, the iPhone maker, will report its earnings on Wednesday after the end of the trading day. Other corporate reporting this week include American Express, 3M, Johnson and Johnson, and ATandT.

Trying to forecast which way the new administration will fall on the topics of relief funding and regulations, Wall Street sees itself as one way to save America from the damage that going to be done by a Liberal movement of both authority and resources. Investors who were hoping for good earnings mays get what they were hoping for, but in the future they may find this is the last horrah when it comes to profitability and continued growth in the markets.

Precious metals, on the other hand, have been sitting on their hands for months and this may the right time to move away from volatility to strength in the markets. The US has changed direction when it comes to green energy and that will play out over the next for years as the industry is the recipient of large influxes of cash into currently small-time operations. If there was one way to make money in the near term economic evironment, it would be in electronics that produce electricity from photons and the materials that they are made from.

The point of this segment is this; If the markets begin to feel the strain of monetary policy, it will be precious metals that will be driving the train for the unforeseeable future and at extremely high premiums over decades before. If you want to see it happen, be sure to follow the charts like this one I look at every day from KITCO.